Complete Fuel Tank Assembly PC White Piaggio PE


Complete Fuel Tank Assembly powder coated in White Piaggio OEM. This tank is ready to be dropped into your scooter, connect the lines and go!

Fits: P200e / PX150e / P125x

Piaggio Part Number: 160627c

Fuel Tank 160627

Oil Tank 137353

Oil Ring Nut 156490

Oil Ring 156491

Oil Tank Nut S.21210

Packing for Oil Tank 156039

Plain Washer 156082

Joint Oil Filter 156038

Packing Sight Glass 102587

Sight Glass 155526

Fuel Valve 180056

Gasket Fuel Tank 159804

Oil Fill Cap 102585

Split Pin S.3212

Gas Cap Nut Pin 4435

Cap Securing Nut 92217

Gas Cap Gasket 2319

Fuel Line 104293

Spring Securing Tube x2 97248

Oil Line Auto Lube 104294

Oil Line Clip x2 104296

Grommet Oil Line 15478

Gasoline Sticker NOS 85447