Engine for Vehicles with Auto Mixer

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Engine for Vehicles with Auto Mixer

Size: 200 cc 

Vespa P200e auto lube motor Piaggio part number 164252. This motor has matching cases and has had a complete restoration. 

 Cases: Cleaned, inspected, and then we used a glass bead blast 

Crankshaft: Mazzucchelli stock 

Cylinder / Piston: 156303 Italian New

Cylinder Head: 167108 Piaggio New

Cooling Hood: 166837 Italian New

Clutch Assembly: 131223 Italian New

Seals New Italy: Clutch side 112156 / Flywheel side 158962 / Rear Drum 130536

Bearings New Italian: Flywheel side 133068 / Clutch side 97804 / Rear Hub 90025 / Spring Gear Assembly 112793 / Roller Bearing 2457 / D.C. Roller Bearing 106956

Starter Selector: 148570 New Piaggio

Lever Return Spring: 47218 New Italian

Starter Lever Assembly (Kick Start): 174312 New Italian

Starter Gear: 113526 New Italian

Spring for Starter Gear: 139100 New Italian

Oil Conveyor Rib: 146129 New Italian

Buffer: 46742 New Italian

Flywheel Magneto Assembly: 167103 Reconditioned Piaggio – we had the stator plate rewired and professionally tested. Flywheel is original Ducati

Cdi Unit (Electronic Ignition): 159576 New Ducati

Selector Box: 167315 restored original Piaggio and includes the neutral switch

Driveshaft: Original Piaggio 112858

Selector Spider (shifting cross): 130939 New Italian

Dust Cover: 78482 New Italian

Brake Pads: 72339 Newfren

Damper Buffer: 40316 New Italian

Air Box Case: 134912 Piaggio Restored including the auto lube gears with new gaskets.

24/24 Dell’orto (Spaco) Carburetor 

Piaggio Air filter: 131083 

Chrome Flywheel Cover: 147568c 

Chrome Selector Box Cover: 138865c

Chrome Airbox Cover: 120762c

This restoration includes all new gaskets, O-rings, and hardware.

Piaggio Part Number: 164252